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Mike Leach reportedly speaks to NC State; or maybe not

Mike Leach reportedly spoke to North Carolina State about its vacant head coaching job. And now: conflicting reports!

William Mancebo

Edit: Leach shot down the rumors.

Hello coaching carousel season, it's nice to see you again. It's the Sunday after the final day of the regular season, and that means coaches are on the move. Multiple coaches have been fired this morning, and Mike Leach's name is going to come up. So be ready for it.

First up, North Carolina State. Head coach Tom O'Brien was fired this morning, and Mike Leach is reportedly on the list. In fact, Football Scoop is reporting Leach has spoken to North Carolina State, which means things are moving fast.

NC State: We have confirmed that representatives from from NC State have spoken with Mike Leach about their head coaching position. Further, multiple sources tell us the search is focused (at least initially) on sitting (or former) head coaches. Will update...

I have no idea if this means anything or if Leach was reached out to as part of the initial process. I wouldn't be surprised if teams do reach out to him, but I honestly don't know if he'd bail on Washington State after one season. It seems premature and fast, especially after this season -- a year in which things just never came together.

There will be more rumors -- that much I'm almost positive of. So hang tight and keep an eye on things without freaking out.

Edit: Good point by Mark Ennis (via the SB Nation story)

Yeah, everything about that AD-coach pairing would make zero sense at all.

Edit 2: I hate the coaching carousel.

Edit 3: Well at least this is all entertaining