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Marquess Wilson's text message to Bill Moos: 'I was never trying to harm the university or the program'

Christian Caple of the Spokesman-Review has unearthed the mystery text message from Marquess Wilson to Athletics Director Bill Moos, and in it, the former WSU receiver attempts to clarify his letter.


The investigation into Marquess Wilson's allegations of abuse against WSU coach Mike Leach and his staff took a huge first step towards resolution today with the athletic department releasing a summary of the findings of its internal investigation -- findings that exonerate Leach and his staff.

In the report, Moos states that "what is not widely known but is of great importance is I received a text message from the departing player following the UCLA football game where he recanted the allegations of abuse made in a letter written by he and a relative and sent to the media earlier that evening." The text of the message was not included in the report, but it's been obtained by Christian Caple of the Spokesman-Review:

"Mr. Moos this is marquess … With that letter I wasn't trying to accuse the coaches of hitting players or anything. I was just trying to put it in different terms and now everything is getting misinterpreted and I didn't mean it like that at all … I simply was trying to get my story across and get my name cleared instead of having it say I'm suspended for breaking team violations … That could mean like I did drugs or something … I was never trying to harm the university or the program with it."

Essentially, this confirms what we suspected about the letter all along: It was a clumsy attempt to get out in front of what the Wilson camp perceived as an anti-Wilson narrative. An attempt that obviously backfired horribly.

I'm curious as to when or if Wilson will give another statement or grant an interview. I can understand why he'd be a bit gun shy after how this turned out, and I really don't blame him for continuing to lay low as he evaluates his options. But something clearing the air at some point sure would be nice, and I would have to think that a public act of contrition would help improve his stature in the eyes of pro scouts.