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Mike Leach, WSU professor to write Geronimo book

Mike Leach is branching out and writing a book again, this time about Geronimo.

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I guess Mike Leach is acquainting himself well with the Washington State University. In what may seem both surprising and not, Leach is partnering with a Washington State english professor to write a book. That he's writing a book isn't so surprising: He already wrote one with Bruce Feldman on coaching, his time at Texas Tech and his life philosophies. This next book, however, will be a bit different.

Leach and Buddy Levy, the WSU english professor, are writing a book about Geronimo. No, really. This is actually happening.

"We're telling the story together," Levy said. "Leach weighs in throughout the entire process, providing commentary on leadership, community and family."

Leach said he is excited about what they will learn throughout the process. Levy is a great researcher, he said: "It's important to me to have Buddy and his experience. I'll learn a lot from him."

This actually makes a lot of sense, too. Sure it's not about football, but Leach isn't really all about football either. He has a wide range of interests, from sharks and the animal kingdom to history. Give him a topic he's fascinated about and he'll talk for days. And the book will tie in lessons about leadership, which fits well.

I'm curious to see how the process will turn out. On one side you have Levy, an academic. On the other you have Leach, a meandering mind that also happens to be a football coach. How they mesh will be interesting.