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Dave Yost hired as WSU football assistant coach, according to report

The former Mizzou OC reportedly accepted Mike Leach's offer to join the staff at Washington State.

We knew former Mizzou OC Dave Yost was offered a job at Washington State, but we've been waiting to hear if he would accept it. Yost had a bit of a decision on his hands after a trying year that ended with him leaving Mizzou, citing personal reasons. Leach reportedly gave him the opportunity to join the Washington State staff and, perhaps, lend some input into the offense -- a pretty great opportunity at that.

And now we have an answer.

As I mentioned before, this is a big deal for Leach and Washington State. Yost knows his stuff and brings a different voice to the staff. It sounds as though he'll be Leach's man in the booth, meaning he'll have a direct line to the head coach throughout the game.

We may see Leach evolve a bit, which is good. Maybe not much, but Yost does have a chance to influence the offense while on staff. And it gives Yost the fresh start he needed after a tough year that, frankly, probably burnt him out.