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College Gameday Video: Wazzu's Ol' Crimson flag gets police escort, limo ride at UW

The Huskies may have threatened to take down Ol' Crimson earlier in the week, but the flag arrived in style to keep the decade-long Gameday streak alive.

Washington State has flown its flag, Ol' Crimson, for decade-straight on ESPN's College Gameday, and no other appearance has held as much controversy as the 139th-consecutive show. Gameday made its first trip to rival University of Washington, and Husky fans had made plans publicly (be them tongue-in-cheek or not) to take down the Cougar flag.

However, with the help of a limo and police escort, Ol' Crimson arrived safely on Washington's campus Saturday morning.

Resident Husky radio home Softy even put up $100 to anyone who took down the WSU flag, then backpedaled and decided that we all couldn't take a joke. Probably a smart move, since college kids will do a lot for $100, and Softy would come out looking pretty bad if anyone got hurt.

But Gameday host Chris Fowler said that Ol' Crimson would be protected if necessary,

That it was. Can't do much better than a police escort in a limo with tinted windows. It was a pretty cool way for Ol' Crimson's presence to be felt while still letting UW have its day in the sun (when it eventually came out of course).

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