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How confident are Cougar fans?

Coming off the Stanford loss, how is the WSU fanbase feeling heading into Week 6?

WSU Athletic Communications

The confidence level of any sports fanbase is outrageously delicate. For one, fans are always more confident than they probably should be. The confidence level also changes drastically based on the results of the previous week. Following the Idaho game, WSU fans were sky high. The collective confidence level took a hit with the Stanford game, but how much?

Our frenenemies over at California Golden Blogs asked the question of how confident Cal fans were the Bears would beat WSU. As you'd probably expect, Cal fans are predicting a Bears win. I'm going to steal CGB's idea and do a pulse check on the current confidence level of WSU fans.

So, how confident are you in the Cougars' chances on Saturday?


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As this is the first iteration of my Pac-12 power rankings, there has been no movement from the previous week. I promise it won’t happen again. Keep in mind that these are merely snapshot of how these teams matchup on Wednesday morning, not a predicted order of finish. They take into account injuries, recent firings, and anything else that could affect on the field performance in Week 6. With that, the rankings:

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What are your early thoughts on the Cal-WSU matchup? Can the Bears beat the Cougars?

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Mike Leach and his staff have pulled together a solid group of talent, but the 14-man class isn't going to make national headlines. The class ranks just 47th in the country, though it looks better within the context of the Pac-12, where it ranks fifth. The Cougars have yet to earn a verbal from any player rated higher than three stars.