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Dom Williams must love the month of November

Watch out Derek Jeter, Dom Williams is coming for your nickname.

William Mancebo

Dominique Williams started going by Dom this season, but it may not be long until he's simply known as Mr. November.

That's not to say Williams hasn't been a factor in September and October, he's proven to be a solid player. But, in November he been great.

Williams has played in 22 games at WSU and more than 50 percent of his receiving yards have come is six November games. Three of his four 100-yard games have come during the 11th month.

Receptions per game Yards per game
Aug., Sept., Oct. 2.3 35.6
Novemeber 5.7 98.0

So why the uptick in production? Maybe he participates in no shave November and his beard has magical powers. Maybe he takes the saying "save the best for last" way too seriously. Or maybe it's just a coincidence in a small sample that I'm making way too much out of.

Yeah, you're right ... it has to be the beard.

Williams had arguably the best game of his career last November in the Apple Cup. He finished the game with eight receptions for 143 yards. If you add in the yardage he gained by drawing pass interference calls, he may have approached 200 yards.

He's been doing similar November things this season and set a career-high with 154 receiving yards last week. That number could have been much higher if his 39-yard diving reception hadn't need negated by review.

Whatever the key is to Williams' November success, let's hope he keeps it rolling this week against Washington. Washington's top corner Marcus Peters finished last week with six tackles and two interceptions. He figures to be matched up with Williams quite a bit. The last time that happened, Williams did this (skip to 21 seconds):

Advantage Mr. November.

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