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Toni Pole cleared to play in New Mexico Bowl

After a minor academic hiccup, Toni Pole is good to go and will play in the New Mexico Bowl.

WSU Athletic Communications

Reports of Toni Pole's academic issues were apparently greatly exaggerated.

Pole is back in New Mexico, cleared academically and will play on Saturday. On Wednesday, Cougfan reported Pole had been sent back to Pullman after it was determined he was academically ineligible. Several others confirmed that report and Pole did in fact fly back to Pullman, but it was apparently only to resolve an academic issue.

"He's here, he just had to take care of an academic issue. But he's here," Mike Leach said on Thursday, via the Spokesman Review.

WSU sideline reporter Jessamyn McIntyre confirmed Pole's wherabouts as he was on the same charter flight to New Mexico.

So, to sum things up. Pole accompanied WSU on the team charter to New Mexico on Tuesday. The team then learned he had an academic issue and sent him back to Pullman on Wednesday. Pole was able to resolve that academic issue and hopped a plane back to New Mexico on Thursday.

There are a number of possibilities that could have caused Pole to become temporarily ineligible. Something as simple as a missing signature on a writing portfolio may have been the culprit. Whatever it was, it has been resolved and Pole is back with the team.

"I just want to spend this time with my brothers," Pole said, via McIntyre. "It's a blessing."