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Jim Mastro turned down NFL overtures

Jim Mastro's knowledge of the pistol was coveted in NFL circles, but he's not going anywhere.

William Mancebo

Washington State running backs coach Jim Mastro is a loyal guy. This prefaces everything that comes next, including a report about NFL offers for Mastro. He was reportedly approached by teams looking to stop the pistol -- he's one of the godfathers of the formation -- and knows the ins and outs. And since the NFL is in a pistol phase that's probably more than a phase, it was only a matter of time before his name was called.

Take it away Bruce Feldman:

There are a few pieces to this, but the overall theme in Mastro turning down an NFL opportunity is loyalty. There's loyalty to Mike Leach and loyalty to one of his former players who happens to be an emerging star in the league.

Mastro and Leach have been friends for a very long time. That's why he's at Washington State: The opportunity to work with Leach, a close friend, was somewhat of a dream for him. He gets to go to work with a buddy of his, which is a pretty neat deal. Despite the struggles last year, it's unlikely Mastro is going anywhere, and his focus is staying with Washington State.

It's nice to see Mastro's name floated in NFL circles. He's well respected when it comes to the pistol, and this is another sign that his knowledge is coveted. While Washington State didn't use the pistol much, Mastro still has his hands in the offense. He's still helping mold how running backs are used and the types of looks the Cougars are showing off.

In the end, he's still going to be loyal to Leach and where he's at currently. He doesn't necessarily need to climb the ladder or show off his knowledge, and seems content where he's at. That's a good thing for Leach and Washington State. Having a man who was part of the Pistol Revolution (tm) on staff is never a bad thing.