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No pro day for Marquess Wilson as WSU rebuffs former WR

To nobody's surprise, Cougs turn away the former player who initiated a pair of costly investigations with false claims of abuse. Did WSU make the right call?


About a week and a half ago, a report surfaced that former WSU quarterback Jeff Tuel would be throwing at Eastern Washington's pro day. It made sense, because Tuel's been training with EWU receivers Brandon Kaufman and Greg Herd, each of whom have NFL aspirations. Tuel also said that former WSU receiver Marquess Wilson would catch passes there, too.

That pro day was today, but neither Tuel nor Wilson participated.

The reason? Players are only allowed to work out at their own school or a school in the metropolitan area of their hometown. Obviously, neither of those criteria fit Tuel or Wilson. Tuel had planned on participating in pro days at both WSU and Eastern, and he'll still participate in WSU's tomorrow.


That WSU would turn away Wilson -- the player who triggered a pair of concurrent investigations with false allegations of abuse -- should come as no surprise. Beyond his initial actions, Wilson has never apologized, and has since gone so far as to say he'd do it all again.

So, Wilson seems to be stuck without a pro day. It's probably not a huge deal, since he already worked out at the NFL Combine. But it does underscore the depths of the divide between Wilson and the program, since schools generally do anything they possibly can to help get their former athletes to the next level -- few things play as well in living rooms during recruiting as "look at how we help guys get to the NFL."

What do you guys think? Should WSU have allowed him to work out?