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Jeff Tuel to sign with the Buffalo Bills

After going undrafted, the former WSU quarterback will take the long road to making an NFL roster.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Former WSU quarterback Jeff Tuel has agreed to a free agent contract with the Buffalo Bills after going undrafted in the recently concluded NFL Draft. He announced the signing on his Twitter account.

Tuel -- who is no stranger to adversity after fighting through injuries and a coaching change in the last two years -- is going to face an uphill battle with the Bills.

Although former starter Ryan Fitzpatrick is no longer with the team, new coach Doug Marrone started his tenure by signing free agent Kevin Kolb. The Bills then selected former Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel in the first round. Also on the roster? Former Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and former USC/Richmond quarterback Aaron Corp.

In essence, Tuel will need Buffalo to be comfortable with carrying two rookie quarterbacks on its active roster. Tough to see that happening, but stranger things have happened, I suppose. One thing Tuel has going for him is that Marrone is new, which means he's unlikely to have a lot of allegiances on the current roster.

The most likely scenario? Tuel ends up on a practice squad. But he'll get a shot to prove his worth.