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Logan Mayes arrested for hit and run

The Washington State linebacker was arrested on his birthday. The arrest is the latest in a string of incidents involving WSU football players.


Washington State linebacker Logan Mayes was arrested for hit and run on Thursday evening, according to the Pullman Police logs. Mayes, a junior-to-be, sat out most of the spring with an injury, but is expected to be a starter at the BUCK linebacker position -- a spot vacated by Travis Long. While we don't have details about the incident yet, it's the latest in a string of arrests involving Washington State football players.

A screen capture of the incident from the police log is below:


And a link to the log in question is here.

Earlier this week, news of a court date involving Teondray Caldwell broke. Caldwell could be facing burglary and assault charges stemming from an April 28th incident. Toni Pole was also arrested last week after allegedly making false statements to police. So not a great week for the Cougar football team off the field.

It's unclear what kind of discipline Mayes may be facing, or what happened leading up to the hit and run. The incident also happened on his birthday, which ... ouch.

We'll be back with more as it becomes available.