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Hot Cougar Action: An early preview of WSU at Auburn

Football season is a long way away, but that doesn't mean some haven't started previewing games.

Mike Zarrilli

WSU doesn't open football season for nearly four months, but some have already begun to look ahead to the Cougars' season-opener at Auburn.

Previews on opposing team sites can be questionable at times, but Track'Em Tigers may have the best May 1 preview of a game I've ever read. They break the game down in position group vs. position group detail, showing some excellent knowledge of WSU.

They predict a three-point Auburn win, but amusingly enough, call the WSU offensive line even vs. the Auburn defensive line and give the WSU corners the advantage over the Tiger wide receivers. That either means they think more of WSU's roster than most, or Auburn is sorta bad.

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Prediction: In the noise and heat in Auburn, it’s a shaky day for all quarterbacks concerned. Auburn’s shifty power running game wears down the Cougars, and Auburn wins it 27-24.