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Dennis Simmons mic'd up by WSU Athletics

"Yards after the catch" is a common refrain.

The WSU video folks have put together a number of pieces from spring practices of coaches embedded with microphones, and the latest involves Dennis Simmons, the team's outside receivers coach.

There's nothing terribly enlightening in here, but one thing that caught my attention is the emphasis on yards after the catch, with Simmons saying, "We were a big catch-and-fall team last year." At its best, the Air Raid should provide receivers with space to turn upfield and go. Some of that is on the receiver to find space and some of that is on the quarterback to find receivers who are in space, but it's undeniable that it's also partially an attitude. And Simmons clearly is coaching that attitude.

My favorite part of the video, though, is when Simmons is working out receivers and says to Dominique Williams, "Yeah, I got this stupid thing on me. Why? Y'all gonna act bad now that you know it?"