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WSU Football Schedule: USC to be televised on Fox Sports 1

There are only two seasons: Football season and looking-forward-to-football-season season, with the latter marked by non-event events such as today, when the TV schedules for the first few weeks of Pac-12 games are announced.

Stephen Dunn

On the heels of the Pac-12 announcing the first few weeks of the Pac-12 Networks slate, ESPN and Fox have jumped on board by doing the same, and we now know that WSU's game against USC will be televised on the new Fox Sports 1 network, which will launch in August.

If you're wondering what this means for your ability to watch the game ... well, I have no idea. Having gone through the Pac-12 Networks carriage mess over the last year, we know that distribution can sometimes be ... complicated. That said, Fox Sports 1 is part of News Corp which (obviously) has great negotiating leverage to get the network carried on a tier that's accessible to most fans.

The downside -- besides the possibility that the new network might not be on a tier that you already get -- is that this also likely limits exposure should the Cougars somehow figure out a way to travel to Los Angeles and pull off an upset. It's not like Fox Sports 1 will already be a destination channel for sports fans on Sept. 7.

As for the Auburn game ... it's curiously blank next to it on the master schedule. Not sure what's going on there. I had figured it would be on ESPN, given that it's on the road against an SEC opponent, but who knows? I don't!