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HCA: An interview with Mike Leach

Mike Leach talks Geronimo, New Zealand, Auburn and more.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

This is a couple days old, but Chris Yandek of CY Interview recently sat down with Mike Leach. It's a classic Leach interview, covering a wide range of topics including everything from New Zealand, to movies, to some actual football talk.

Before we get to the highlights, you should probably click this link to see Leach wearing a shirt which may or may not be a stereogram. If you stare at it long enough out of focus, you can see a bear pummeling a shark.

As for the actual interview, Leach had a few interesting things to say about WSU. He called Auburn one of the most-talented teams the Cougars will face next season, specifically highlighting the Tigers' recent recruiting classes. Leach said the offseason has gone well with players buying into the program and working hard. As for whether last season was rock bottom?

"I think last year is the worst we'll ever be," Leach said.

Let's hope so.


Britton Ransford of WazzuWatch broke some graduate assistant news last night with the word former Oklahoma Baptist assistant coach Ray Brown is now a defensive GA for WSU. According to Ransford, WSU has been recruiting Oklahoma heavily this recruiting cycle. The Cougars landed center Carlos Freeman from Oklahoma in the 2013 recruiting class, so the Sooner state may be becoming an area of emphasis.

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Over the last few weeks I've noticed a new name popping up on the Washington State staff when talking to recruits, specifically in Oklahoma. Turns out, Washington State has added a former Oklahoma Baptist assistant coach Ray Brown as a defensive graduate assistant.

The Pirate Sword Swinger of the Great Northwest, Washington State Cougars’ Mike Leach – Coach, Scholar and Gentleman – Sits Down with Us in Key West and Talks Football, Movies, Geronimo and More | CYInterview
Recently we visited the key again to catch up with the coach. Coach Leach recently traveled to New Zealand, is finishing a book on Apache warrior Geronimo and, of course, is looking forward to the upcoming college football season season.