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48 days to football: Which game are you most looking forward to?

WSU will play at least 12 games next season, which game are you most excited about?

William Mancebo

Washington State's 2013 schedule has its ups and downs, but for the most part there is a little something for everyone. Maybe you like playing SEC teams like Auburn or cupcakes at Martin Stadium like Southern Utah. Maybe you can't wait to drive to Eugene to face Oregon or take in the Seattle game against Stanford.

You may not like every game on the schedule, but there has to be at least one game everyone is looking forward to. The question today is, which?

The season opener is the most anticipated game of the year, because FOOTBALL! The Apple Cup is also going to receive more than a few votes, but I'm going to go a bit off the radar and pick the Arizona State game. Partially because it may be WSU's best home game of the season, but more for the atmosphere I envision in my head. Halloween. Night game. ESPN. Cancelled school. It's just going to be a spectacle.

It also has some lure on the field as the last time ASU came to Pullman, Connor Halliday threw for roughly eleventy billion yards. He will obviously do the same this time around and cap off the night by scoring a touchdown then giving high fives to two guys dressed like Harry and Lloyd. Make it happen Pullman.

That's my pick. Which game are you most looking forward to?