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44 days to football: Offense or defense?

When it comes to a team strength, what would you prefer?

Connor Halliday would probably vote offense
Connor Halliday would probably vote offense

When Mike Leach was hired, many presumed WSU's offense would be the strength of the team going forward. Defensive stops would be nice, but really just get the ball back to the offense so they can score again. To the surprise of virtually everyone, WSU's defense was its better unit last season.

The topic of today's discussion is if you had a choice, would you prefer WSU to be stronger on offense or defense. Take the current coaching staff out the equation, so picking defense doesn't mean Leach and Co. failed. Picking one doesn't mean the Cougars have to be bad at the other. Instead, it's just a question of whether you would prefer the offense or the defense to be the team's strength.

My assumption is most will prefer offense to be the strength because like how chicks dig the long ball, football fans swoon over touchdowns. I would go the other way and pick defense as the better unit. Partially because I've enjoyed watching the Seahawks in recent seasons and also because that may mean WSU has a defense actually capable of getting off the field on third down.

So, what will it be; offense or defense?

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