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43 days to football: Which WSU game is your favorite to re-watch?

When it comes to re-living WSU history, which is your go-to game?

WSU Athletic Communications

If you have Pac-12 Network, there is a good chance you've seen the 2012 Apple Cup at least a couple times. It aired again on Thursday in Football in 60 fashion, but has re-aired in some form seemingly a dozen times this offseason. I know I've re-watched parts of it on multiple occasions and while it's a fun game to watch, it's not my all-time favorite.

Choosing a favorite WSU game to re-watch can be tricky. There are at least a few obvious choices -- the Holiday Bowl victory and the upset of No. 1 UCLA immediately come to mind -- but your choice will likely depend on your time at WSU. I had no ties to the Cougars when they beat UCLA in 1998 or Texas in 2003 and while they are great parts of WSU's history, I don't have the memories of them that make re-watching the game as enjoyable.

Instead, if I was going to re-watch a WSU game, it would be the 2007 Apple Cup. I was a student at the time and was stuck watching the game in a bar full of Huskies. The back-and-forth contest probably took years off my life, but I could watch the final drive a million times and still enjoy it.

Even five years later, my reaction when Brandon Gibson hauls in that touchdown still goes something like this.


The 2007 Apple Cup is my favorite WSU game to re-watch, what's yours?

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