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40 days to football: What is your ultimate college football road trip?

Today were talking traveling and your pick for the ultimate college football road trip.


While it's a completely different experience than a home game in Martin Stadium, traveling to see a road game can be just as much fun. At least a few members of this community are frequent road-game travelers and even more embarked on Las Vegas last year.

WSU's schedule over the last decade has provided a few interesting road trip opportunities and Auburn this season will be another, but what would be your ultimate road trip? Traveling to Las Vegas to see WSU play UNLV (or in a bowl game) may be the early favorite, but there are plenty of other possibilities. Weather, opponents, opposing fans and food are just a few of the factors to keep in mind.

I flew to San Antonio to watch WSU play Notre Dame a few seasons ago. That game didn't turn out especially well, but I did have a great time in Austin the night before. With added bonuses like good food, warm weather and plenty of non-football activities, a road trip to see WSU play Texas in Austin would be at the top of my list.

Where would you go on your ultimate road trip?