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39 days to football: Pick your wins

If WSU was going to win five games next season, which victories would you prefer?


There have been a lot of projections and simulations recently and the general consensus seems to be WSU will win somewhere between three and six games next season. Predictions in July don't necessarily mean much and the Cougars could exceed or fall short of those projections.

For the purpose of this discussion, let's assume they don't. Pacific Takes ran a series of NCAA Football simulations recently and the Cougars averaged 4.8 wins. If WSU was locked in to five wins in 2013 and could do no better and no worse, which games would you want them to win?

The Apple Cup is likely a lock for one victory, but as a fan where would you want the other four wins to come from? Maybe you prefer all upsets and want the Cougars to knock off Auburn, USC, Oregon and Stanford. That would of course mean as a fan you'd have to suffer through losses to Southern Utah and Idaho. Losing to Southern Utah at home would quickly erase the memory over back-to-back upsets to start the year.

If I could pick five wins next season, I'd go with Auburn, Southern Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. No embarrassing losses at home, another Apple Cup victory, a huge upset over the Ducks and a road SEC win to start the year. It's tough to leave out a win against USC, but I think I'd rather open the season 1-0. Beating Stanford in Seattle would also be a lot of fun, but I don't think it would be worth it if I had to stomach home losses to Southern Utah or Idaho.

Take a quick look at the schedule, then pick your five victories.

Week 1: @ Auburn

Week 2: @ USC

Week 3: Southern Utah

Week 4: Idaho

Week 5 Stanford (Seattle)

Week 6: @ California

Week 7: Oregon State

Week 8: @ Oregon

Week 9: Arizona State

Week 10: @ Arizona

Week 11: Utah

Week 12: @ Washington

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