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36 days to football: When the game is on the line, offense or defense?

There is 3:30 left in the fourth quarter, the Cougars can either be up two and playing defense or down two with the ball, which would you prefer?

WSU Athletic Communications

The majority of WSU's games in the last few years have been decided well before the final minutes of the fourth quarter, but that began to change last season. Four games came down to the final drive, with WSU succeeding twice, and failing twice.

Today's discussion isn't about success or failure, but more about fan blood pressure. Final drives can be unnerving, but when it comes to the end of the game, which scenario would you prefer? Let's go ahead and set the scene with a 31-29 score, 3:30 to play, the offense has the ball on the 20-yardline and is trailing. In that situation would you prefer WSU has the ball with a chance to win, or is on defense trying to protect the lead?

The Cougar defense successfully held onto the lead against EWU last season, although that was with a four-point lead and a close hail mary almost changed that. WSU's defense failed in this situation against Colorado and nearly did again against Washington, but a missed field goal sent it to overtime. We all know what happened then.

The offense finished the Apple Cup off and was in a similar situation against Stanford, but came up short after driving into Cardinal territory. In this scenario, I'd prefer to have the ball and be trailing because it's only a two-point game. Maybe next year without Andrew Furney, I'd change my answer. You need to move the ball 50 yards, to give him a shot. If it were a four-point game, I'd put the defense on the field, and probably cover my eyes.

Are you taking offense or defense?

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