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WSU depth chart: Pre-fall camp 2-deep is here

Turn down the lights, close the door, mute the speakers, it's time to rosterbate.


The story of Pac-12 media day is the on stage interviews, but in much more exciting news -- at least to me -- WSU released an updated depth chart heading into fall camp.

I haven't seen a complete depth chart, or updated roster yet, but fortunately Christian Caple came through with the two-deep. It is similar to the spring football depth chart in a lot of ways, but there are a couple of interesting changes. Few people love a good depth chart more than I do, so let's go through this thing position-by-position.


Then: Connor Halliday / Austin Apodaca

Now: Halliday / Apodaca

Mike Leach has made it obvious Halliday is the No. 1 heading into camp and the lack of an "or" emphasizes that point.

Running back

Then: Teondray Caldwell / Marcus Mason / Leon Brooks

Now: Caldwell / Mason

The top two remain the same. I would expect the Week 1 depth chart to look a little different than this, with Gerard Wicks possibly factoring in. If Caldwell is healthy, he's the guy.

X wide receiver

Then: Dominique Williams / Kristoff Williams / Kyle Adkins

Now: D Williams / K Williams / Vince Mayle

Mayle makes his debut on the depth chart, although he's currently listed as third string. This is going to be a fun position to watch as both Williams and Mayle all figure to have productive years. Dominique has the highest ceiling, Mayle may be the most physical and Kristoff is a combination of the two. WSU is in very good shape here.

Y wide receiver

Then: Bobby Ratliff / Bennett Bontemps / Robert Lewis

Now: Ratliff / Lewis

As president of the Bobby Ratliff Fan Club and former president of the Robert Lewis Fan Club, all I have to say about the Y depth chart is giddy up.

H wide receiver

Then: Brett Bartolone / Rickey Galvin / Tyler Baker

Now: Bartolone / Galvin

I would expect this depth chart to stay the same heading into the season with Galvin and Bartolone splitting reps close to 50-50 during the season.

Z wide receiver

Then: Gabe Marks / Isiah Myers / Mansell Simmons

Now: Marks / Myers / Mayle

Interesting that Mayle is listed as third string at Z and X. That would seemingly indicate he will move around during camp to see where he settles in best. It also means WSU has some very good depth at the outside receiver spots.

Left tackle

Then: Gunnar Eklund / Jacob Seydel

Now: Eklund / Eduardo Middleton

Seydel moved from left to right tackle with Middleton moving up to the No. 2 spot on the left side. The redshirt freshman came to WSU with a lot of promise, so it's very encouraging to see him making an early appearance on the two-deep. He probably has a higher ceiling than Eklund and may compete for the starting job down the road, but I'd expect Eklund to hang on to the job to at least start the season.

Left guard

Then: John Fullington / Denzell Dotson / Pierson Villarrubia

Now: Joe Dahl / Fullington

Dahl opened spring at right tackle, but has now moved inside to guard. Leach has mentioned Dahl several times over the last year without being prompted. I don't think the question is will he play, but where. Fullington appears destined as a super-utility backup role this season.


Then: Elliott Bosch / Zach Brevick / Sam Flor

Now: Bosch / Brevick

Bosch is going to be the guy, but his backup could change. Several young linemen could be in the mix, including incoming freshman Carlos Freeman.

Right guard

Then: Matt Goetz / Jake Rodgers / Middleton

Now: Goetz / Fullington

Rodgers is gone, Middleton is at left tackle. There should be a decent battle for the starting job between Goetz and Fullington with the loser serving as the backup to both guard spots.

Right tackle

Then: Rico Fobes / Dahl

Now: Forbes / Seydel

From all accounts, Forbes would have likely started the past two seasons if not for injuries. Assuming he can stay healthy in fall camp, he appears to be the guy at right tackle.

Defensive tackle

Then: Xavier Cooper / Toni Pole

Now: Cooper / Robert Barber

Cooper is a lock to start here barring injury while Barber has shifted from nose tackle to the defensive tackle spot.

Nose Tackle

Then: Ioane Gauta / Moritz Christ

Now: Gauta/ Pole / Christ

Pole was listed as the No. 2 defensive tackle in spring and has now moved back inside. He'll likely move around a little during the season, playing both the nose and the outside defensive tackle spot as well as seeing some time in 4-3 formations.

Defensive end

Then: Mattthew Bock / Lyman Faoliu / Destiny Vaeao

Now: Bock or Logan Mayes or Vaeao / Faoliu

The big story here is moving Logan Mayes from BUCK to defensive end. This move came up in the comments recently. Mayes had issues playing DE last season, but has reportedly put on some weight which could help him. He seems like a natural BUCK in this defense, but if he's able to stick at defensive end, it would give WSU an extra pass rusher on the field. I'm skeptical, but intrigued.


Then: Mayes / Kache Palacio / Ivan McLennan / Darryl Paulo / Max Hersey

Now: Palacio or McLennan / Hersey

With Mayes now at DE, Palacio or McLennan will likely start at BUCK. McLennan is an impressive athlete and will definitely see the field this season. I was impressed by Palacio in limited action last season and am excited to see what he can do in a bigger role.

SAM linebacker

Then: Cyrus Coen / Eric Oertel

Now: Coen / Oertel / Feddie Davey

Coen and Oretel are the easy top two here and have been since fall camp of last season. Interesting to see Davey has moved from strong safety to SAM.

MIKE linebacker

Then: Darryl Monroe / Jared Byers / Jeremiah Allison

Now: Monroe / Byers / Su'a

Chester Su'a moved from WILL to MIKE and will now compete with Byers to backup Monroe. Athletically, that is a battle Su'a should win going away, but we will see. He's fallen from the starting WILL to the third string MIKE in a year.

WILL linebacker

Then: Justin Sagote / Tana Pritchard / Su'a

Now: Sagote / Pritchard / Allison

Jeremiah Allison and Su'a traded places. Sagote has a firm grip on this starting job, with Pritchard and Allison battling for snaps behind him.

F cornerback

Then: Damante Horton / Nolan Washington

Now: Horton / Rahmel Dockery / Alex Jackson

Hello there Rahmel Dockery, welcome to the depth chart. Horton is once again slotted in a starting role, but the future at CB is behind him with Dockery and Jackson. Both are less than a year into playing corner and could move up quickly.

B cornerback

Then: Anthony Carpenter / Alex Jackson / Tracy Clark

Now: Washington / Carpenter / Clark

Washington must have had an excellent offseason as he goes from the No. 2 at FCB to the No. 1 at BCB. The staff seems to really like Carpenter as well. Incoming freshman like Daquawn Brown could factor in during camp.

Free safety

Then: Deone Bucannon / Mitchell Peterson

Now: Bucannon / Paris Taylor / Mitchell Peterson

The coaching staff added Taylor late in the recruiting cycle and it's now evident why. WSU is severely lacking safety depth to the point where Taylor is already second string without going through a practice. Please stay healthy Deone Bucannon.

Strong safety

Then: Casey Locker / Taylor Taliulu

Now: Locker / Taliulu / David Bucannon

If Taliulu has a camp like he did last year, this is probably his job to lose. If he has the same issues he did early on in the season, old reliable Casey Locker will once again be back there drawing personal fouls.


Then: Michael Bowlin / Wes Concepcion

Now: Bowlin / Concepcion

No change here and I wouldn't expect any.


Then: Andrew Furney / Bowlin

Now: Furney / Bowlin or Concepcion

See punter.

Punt return

Then: Bartolone / Leon Brooks / Lewis

Now: Bartolone or Brooks or Galvin

Brooks has been WSU's designated fair catcher for what seems like 10 years. He may yield that job to Bartolone this season. That move was in the works last season before Galvin got hurt and Bartolone was forced to play the majority of snaps a the H.

Kick return

Then: Caldwell / Mason / Lewis

Now: Caldwell or Galvin or Kristoff Williams

This could depend on who plays what roles on offense. Whichever of the three plays the fewest offensive snaps could take over the main return duties.

So there you have it. WSU's depth chart heading into fall camp. I'll pass along the updated weight chart when that becomes available, then we'll do this again in a month.

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