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35 days to football: What question would you ask at PAC-12 Media Day?

Your turn to be the media. What would you ask?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Mark was nice enough to let me step in for a post in his countdown series. If you watched WSU's stage interview at PAC-12 Media Day, you know that Mike Leach, Elliott Bosch and Deone Bucannon didn't exactly garner much media excitement. Our own Golden Throat, Michael Preston, wasn't really thrilled by the interview.

This assembled blog sure could. Here are some questions we came up with that we'd have loved to hear the answers to. Fire yours away in the comments, we'll tweet out the best (or all, who knows). Unfortunately, we at CougCenter couldn't make it because Preston doesn't know how to drive had a real job...but that didn't keep us from coming up with a few.

Brian Anderson

Coach Leach - You've talked about how diverse the styles are in the PAC-12 -- is there a particular defensive scheme you feel really confident about going against offensively? Is there a defense you know you can shred? On the other side, is there a defensive alignment you know you need to take some extra time/precaution working through the reads with the quarterback on?

Mark Sandritter

Coach Leach - How does this team compare to the team you had your second season at Texas Tech?

Michael Preston

Coach Leach - What do you think has been the toughest part of adapting to the Air Raid and coach Breske's defense for your team?

Jeff Nusser

Coach Leach - Which play do you think most represents the essence of the Air Raid?

Craig Powers

Coach Leach - What's the worst media question you've ever received? Follow up: Aren't pirates neat?

[Elliot Bosch has still not had to answer a question]

We want to hear from you -- what would you ask?