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34 days to football: Greatest performance you've seen

What the best single-game WSU performance you witnessed?

George Frey

WSU has had its share of record-setting games. From Drew Bledsoe to Ryan Leaf to Ruben Mayes. Today's discussion isn't about which single-game performance was the best, but which is the best performance you've seen personally.

Mayes' 357 rushing yards against Oregon is likely the best performance in WSU history, but how many of you were in Eugene to watch it happen? I wasn't born when Mayes shredded the Ducks, so that performance is out of the question for me. Instead, the greatest performance I've witnessed in person comes down to two choices.

Being a student from 2004-2008, it shouldn't be a surprise that Jerome Harrison is near the top of my list. Picking one game, I would probably go with his 260 yards and two touchdowns against UCLA in 2005. Not only was it his career high for yards, but he averaged 7.6 yards per carry that game.

The other performance that immediately came to mind was Andy Mattingly's four sack, 13 tackle performance against Arizona State. I remember being in Martin Stadium and eventually not even watching the play. Instead, I was enamored by just watching Mattingly abuse offensive linemen. He was essentially unblockable that day.

Picking one, I would take Harrison's performance against UCLA, but it's close. What is the greatest game you've witnessed?

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