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30 days to football: What are your best and worst case scenarios?

With the calendar change, WSU will play a football game this month! We continue the countdown until then.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

In the HCA this morning I focused on Ted Miller's best and worst case scenarios for WSU. In case you missed it, Miller's extreme piece of fiction had WSU winning 10 games and finishing No. 15 in the best case and finishing 2-10 with Mike Leach resigning and replaced by Nick Holt in the worst case.

While Miller's fantasy projections are obviously unlikely -- at least I hope so for the worst case -- it brings up an interesting topic. What do you think are the best-case and worst-case scenarios for WSU this year? While Miller's piece is obviously for fun, I'm talking realistic best and worst case scenarios.

As much as I'd like to drink gallons of Crimson Kool-Aid and think the Cougars could win eight or nine games in a best-case scenario, I just can't see it. With where the team is and the difficulty of the 2013 schedule, I think the best-case scenario is going 6-6 with an Apple Cup win during the regular season then winning whatever low-level bowl the team makes to finish the year 7-6.

My worst case scenario isn't far off from Miller's if you exclude the coaching change. WSU loses big to Auburn and goes on to have many of the same issues as last season. They beat Idaho and Southern Utah, but aren't close in any of the other games. They finish 2-10 and we spend another offseason discussing rebuilding and Mike Leach hot seat talk -- justified or not -- becomes a semi-frequent conversation.

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