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18 days to football: Let's play 'what if' with WSU history

If you could take any player in WSU football history and put them on another WSU team for one season, what move would you make?

WSU Athletic Communications

In one of the recent countdown posts, there was an interesting subthread on taking a player in WSU history and putting him on another team. Here's a brief recap:

Great points Wooly

I always wondered what ‘might have been' in 1994 if you could drop a Drew, a Ryp a Rosy onto that offense and see the results of a great up field QB supported by the greatest Coug D ever.

Eras have to be considered in the equations. The scholie limit created a parity that didn't exist for WSUteams pre 1994 or so...changed a lot. See uw since they can't give 108 scholies away

by hollyweirdcoug on Aug 12, 2013 |

I've written pages of fan-fic about Ryan Leaf on the 2002 team

We would've won the title game by 30.

by Kyle Sherwood on Aug 12, 2013 |

I always played the "what-if"

And thought about if Drew had redshirted and played out his eligibility (highly unlikely, but a guy can dream), what those 93 and 94 seasons (especially 94) would have been like. Alas.

by SpectreFCO on Aug 12, 2013 |

That seems like only the tip of the iceberg on the discussion, so here is your chance to expand. You can take any player in WSU history and move them to any WSU team for one season. Ryan Leaf on the 2002 team and Drew Bledsoe on the 1994 team are the starting points.

Maybe you think a particular WSU team was a running back, linebacker, defensive end or safety away. Usually I would weigh in with my opinion, but I'm really just looking forward to the WSU history lesson I'm about to receive.

Have at it.