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17 days to football: Rank your Cougar fandom

When it comes to sports, where does being a Cougar fan rank for you?

William Mancebo

No I'm not talking about how big of a Coug you are, that is just nonsense. This is slightly lesser nonsense.

Since you are visiting this site and reading this post there is a decent chance you are serious about your WSU fandom, but the Cougars likely aren't the only team you cheer for. A lot of Cougar fans are also fans of a lot of other teams. Seattle teams, national teams, Portland teams, other professional teams, etc.

I'm curious how most people would answer the question: the team I'm most passionate about is ____.

I would put WSU at the top of my list and while I've never been a fan when the team has a winning season, I've heard good things. Other teams I've rooted for have had great seasons, yet I still expect to enjoy WSU's success more. Beyond that, I would have to say the Seahawks and Mariners round out my top three. The Sonics would likely be my No. 3 if they still existed and the Sounders are rising, but my history with the Mariners goes back much further so they hold onto the No. 3 spot for now.

What's your sports pecking order?

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