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16 days to football: Football season can't start soon enough because ____

We all want football season to start but why do you want the season to start the most?

WSU Athletic Communications

After months of waiting, college football season is almost here. We're all excited for the season to begin, but people are excited for a variety of reasons.

Some just love football, others enjoy the traveling that comes with college football season and some just want an excuse for it to be acceptable to drink during the day on a Saturday.

If I had to pick one reason I'm most excited for the start of the season, it would be to get some new photos in SB Nations' photo tool. Whenever an author writes a post, they see the most recent search results for Washington State Cougars off the photo wire. With no new photos popping up, we've stared at the same 12 photos for the last five months. To make matters even worse, they aren't WSU related thanks to the BYU Cougars.


Writing the morning link post, this countdown and other things. I've seen that collection of photos more than 150 times in the last five months. It's caused me to develop a hatred of Dave Rose, who I now want to punch in the face. August 31 will be a glorious day.

On a happier note, football season cant come soon enough because I'm looking forward to having more memories like this.


What one thing makes you most excited for WSU's season to begin?

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