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15 days to football: Rank the Pac-12 on how much you dislike them

Today it's all about who you hate most.

Stephen Dunn

I read an article the other day which mentioned the "deep, bitter rivalries" between all of the Pac-12 schools. That is obviously true in a few instances, but I wasn't under the impression everyone hated everyone in the Pac-12. Sure they play each other frequently and there are some bad memories, but does WSU really have a bitter dislike for all of the other schools?

I may just be in the minority, so today we're going to rank the Pac-12 schools from 1-11 in terms of who you dislike the most. Washington will likely occupy the majority of the No. 1 spots and I would expect Oregon and USC to be high on most lists, but from there I really have no idea how this is going to shake out.

Here is my list, with a quick reason for each.

1. Washington -- Obvious

2. Oregon -- The Nike thing doesn't bother me as much as I just don't like them

3. USC -- They have a history of crushing WSU and Lane Kiffin has such a punchable face

4. UCLA -- For whatever reason UCLA always seems to have a bunch of players who annoy me

5. Utah -- I think some it has to do with the local media, but I'm already sick of them brushing WSU off

6. Arizona -- So many bad memories in the desert

7. Arizona State -- See Arizona

8. Oregon State -- Mike Riley's oh gosh gee willikers attitude can be a bit much for my taste

9.Stanford -- The Cardinal would have been much higher with Jim Harbaugh, but I like David Shaw

10. California -- WSU always loses to them, but for some reason I have no harsh feelings.

11. Colorado -- I completely blocked last year's game from my memory

What is your list?

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