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14 days to football: How do you prepare for the season?

It won't be long until WSU opens the regular season, what do you do to prepare?

WSU Athletic Communications

The WSU football team has been preparing for the 2013 season for months. Fans also have some preparations to do, although probably don't involve lifting weights or sweating during fall camp practice.

Several of you who tailgate at home games likely have a long list of things to do for the season. In other cases, your list may not include much beyond stocking up on alcohol. WSU linebacker coach Ken Wilson apparently prepares for the season by prepping his game-day visor.

I'm now thinking about buying a hat, just to wear on gamedays. Although if WSU sucks vs. Auburn I'll abandon that plan. Other than that, my preparations over the next two weeks don't involve much other than clearing enough DVR space and programming the games to record and possibly adding a couple of new WSU shirts to the collection since all of the others are tainted with losses.

What do you do to prepare for football season?

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