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13 days to football: Have your thoughts on the season changed?

By all accounts, WSU has had an excellent fall camp, but has that been enough to change your opinion heading into the season?


We are less than two weeks away from kickoff and with the season closing in, optimism levels seem to be rising. Or maybe just mine is.

The quotes coming out of fall camp have been very positive. Mike Leach has praised seemingly every position group while players have continually said how much better it is this year. Now, if you followed any fall camp closely you'd probably hear a lot of the same, because it's fall camp and those are the types of things players and coaches say.

Despite that, I do think WSU has improved. The reports from Christian have had more positives than negatives and for the most part WSU has avoided the injury bug. Things could always be better, but this has been a successful fall session.

Is it, however, enough to change your perception heading into the season? For me, it has ... slightly. My optimism is certainly higher than it was two months ago and I'm intrigued by the play of several players in camp. A few players have stepped up in key areas which leads me to believe WSU will be competitive enough to sneak in another win. If you asked me a month ago I would have predicted a 4-8 season, but now I'm leaning toward 5-7. We'll see what happens when the ball is snapped for real, but until then things are looking up.

Has fall camp changed your opinion heading into the season?