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12 days to football: Gameday recipes

Assuming you aren't in the stadium or at a bar, what are you eating on Cougar Football Saturdays?


Food can be an interesting subject around here and at the risk of finding out Micheal Preston puts chocolate syrup on his chicken wings, we're going to dive into what you all eat on gameday.

The selections will likely depend on circumstance. You're probably making something different at a tailgate than you would at home. From my experience, some like to mix up the menu with something new each week while others stick to a favorite or two. I tend to fall in the latter group and usually go with some basic nachos.

That sounds boring, but there is one key alteration to your general cheese on top of chips nachos. I put a flour tortilla down first, then add layers on top of it. At the end, when you're out of chips, but there are still some toppings left, you roll it up and finish the meal off with a burrito.

What do you eat on gameday? Don't feel limited to picking one thing either and recipes are more than welcome.

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