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8 days to football: What would you do with the old video board?

WSU will soon have a nice, new, fancy video board, but what would you do with the old one?

WSU Athletic Communications

We know WSU is getting a new video board, but in the thread announcing the news screen, an interesting topic came up of what to do with the old video board.

Now, according to Kyle Sherwood, WSU is planning to sell the old one. That, however, is no fun at all. Instead, let's come up with some better ideas. B-Lot tailgater was all over this topic and set the bar for creative ideas:

What they really should do

is install it out in the RV lot so tailgaters can watch out of town games before and after our games.

One caveat though: it turns off 20 minutes before our games kickoff and does not go back on until after our game is over. Could also be used to let people know when it is time to go back to the stadium at halftime.

by B-Lot tailgater on Aug 23, 2013 | 9:23 AM

He also floated the idea of moving it to the soccer field or putting it in place of the blue heart. What other ideas can we come up with?