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7 days to football: Cougar football superstitions?

Fans do some weird things to help their team win, what superstitions do you have when it comes to WSU?

WSU Athletic Communications

One of the things I've learned over the years is sports fans are generally out of their minds. They will do almost anything if they think it will somehow help their team win a game. I once witnessed a person take a bite of a pickle in between every play of a football game because when he did the team had a successful play. I think he ate at least a dozen pickles that day, but hey his team won.

From sitting in the exact same seat, to wearing the same clothes, to watching the game with the volume on a specific number, fans will pretty much do anything.

I usually don't fall in the superstitious category, although I refuse to wear the WSU "Believe" shirt the basketball team gave away when I was a student. I think the WSU football and basketball teams are something like 0-34 when I wear that shirt. The last time I wore it WSU got embarrassed by Cal in San Francisco and I have since retired it to the back of the closet.

What are your WSU superstitions, or what things have you seen others do?

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