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5 days to football: What will Connor Halliday do?

Connor Halliday's 2013 performance is going to go a long way to determining WSU's season. How do you think he will perform?

William Mancebo

While he hasn't officially been named the starter, Connor Halliday is going to be WSU's starting quarterback. He's been penciled into that role since Jeff Tuel decided to head to the NFL and solidified his position during spring and fall football.

So while we know Halliday will be under center, we don't really know what to expect from the junior quarterback. We've discussed Halliday a few times during the offseason, but what do you expect from him this season? Will an extra year in the system and good health lead to a huge year? Or will the issues from last season continue to be a cause for concern?

I think Halliday will be better this season. I think he'll play more within the offense and his completion percentage should take a nice jump from the 52.2 percent it was last season. The offensive line and running game should be at least slightly improved, which should help as well. Weapons shouldn't be an issue either with WSU deep at WR. Still, I have reservations about Halliday from last season and don't see a massive breakout year

I don't think he's going to complete 70 percent of his passes and throw for 5,700 yards like Graham Harrell did under Mike Leach. Instead I think Halliday could post numbers in the range of 3,850 yards, 7.0 yards per attempt with 28 touchdowns, 17 interceptions and a completion percentage around 62 percent. Not world-beater numbers and still below what would be ideal in the Air Raid, but a significant step forward.

How do you think Halliday will perform in 2013?

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