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4 days to football: Would you rather beat Auburn or USC?

If you knew WSU was going to beat either USC or Auburn, which victory would you choose?

Stephen Dunn

If, in a hypothetical situation, WSU was locked into a 1-1 start to open the season. They could do no better and no worse. Would you rather the Cougars beat Auburn to open the season, or USC the following week? That was the question Valiance posed in the comments of today's HCA.

If WSU was guaranteed a 1-1 start, picking the win is really about which game would provide more enjoyment and benefit for the season. With that in mind, I would easily pick USC. Opening the season with a win on the road against a SEC team would be a lot of fun, but the look on Lane Kiffin's face after losing to WSU would be priceless.

The Cougars don't have much of a history with Auburn and there hasn't been much trash talk this offseason which would add to that victory. It would be a nice opening win against a team which wasn't very good last season. Beating USC would, at least for a year, be payback for the last few decades.

In addition, there is also a season benefit to beating USC since it would count in the Pac-12 standings. If WSU is going to win the Pac-12 North and host the Pac-12 Championship Game this year, they obviously can't afford to drop too many conference games.

Who would you rather beat?

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