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3 days to football: Predict WSU's 2013 season

Every year we do season predictions and now seems like a good time.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl here we come?
Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl here we come?
Ezra Shaw

The 2013 season is just three days away, but there is an official NCAA rule which states the season cannot start until CougCenter does community predictions. As odd as that seems, it's only the 5,000th most-bizarre rule in the NCAA rule book.

In most cases, football seasons are extremely hard to predict. Especially college football where many fans don't see the team until the regular season opener. That said, SoCalCoug correctly predicted WSU's season win-for-win recently, so the bar has been set.

If we did season predictions a few months, or even weeks ago, I suspect they would have been significantly more grim than what we'll see today. A good fall camp -- even if every other team is also having a good camp -- and the natural progression of the offseason has led to an improved outlook.

Here are my 2013 predictions.

Week 1: @ Auburn -- WIN

Week 2: @ USC -- LOSS

Week 3: vs. Sourthern Utah -- WIN

Week 4: vs. Idaho -- WIN

Week 5: vs. Stanford (Seattle) -- LOSS

Week 6: @ California -- WIN

Week 7: vs. Oregon State -- LOSS

Week 8: @ Oregon -- LOSS

Week 9: vs. Arizona State -- LOSS

Week 10: @ Arizona -- LOSS

Week 11: vs. Utah -- WIN

Week 12: @ Washington -- WIN

Total: 6-6. Well that escalated quickly. Apparently, I now think WSU will make a bowl game. It only took a month of fall practices -- none of which I watched personally -- for me to jump my expectations by two wins. Blind optimism really is a hell of a drug.


Copy and paste this list into a comment, then have at it.

Week 1: @ Auburn --

Week 2: @ USC --

Week 3: vs. Sourthern Utah --

Week 4: vs. Idaho --

Week 5: vs. Stanford (Seattle) --

Week 6: @ California --

Week 7: vs. Oregon State --

Week 8: @ Oregon --

Week 9: vs. Arizona State --

Week 10: @ Arizona --

Week 11: vs. Utah --

Week 12: @ Washington --


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