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Cougar coaches mic'd up

WSU produced a few mic'd up videos during training camp, here is the full compilation.


Throughout spring and fall camp, WSU produced videos of the assistant coaches mic'd up during practice. We posted a couple of them, but here are all of the videos released thus far. Some provide more insight than others, but every one is a good watch.

Football Scoop named WSU's coaching staff the No. 1 staff that will impress this season. The videos below give some good insight as to why.

Offensive line coach Clay McGuire talked offensive line improvement, continuity and more. I realize WSU is spending a lot of money on a lot of different things, but can't they afford to get McGuire a new hat? That thing has taken a beating.

Special teams coach Eric Russell talked the mentality of special teams, coverage units and more. On Andrew Furney, "He's just Furney."

Outside linebacker coach Paul Volero talked fall camp and youth. You can also see him coaching up Destiny Vaeao on a few occasions as Vaeao moves to BUCK. Volero is especially quatable saying WSU is looking for guys with PHD, poor, hungry and driven.

Running back coach Jim Mastro is one of my favorite coaches to listen to. There are few better quotes in any of these videos than Mastro yelling "stick and shame him Brooksy. Stick and shame him!"

New WSU linebacker coach Ken Wilson may not be quite as energetic as Jeff Choate, but he's not far off. The video provides a good inside look as Wilson teaches the fundamentals of tackling.

This mic'd up video of outside receiver coach Dennis Simmons is actually from spring football. Not being a catch and fall team is one of the points of emphasis.

Inside receiver coach David Yost delivers the famous quote of "I'm going to coach until they stop me, Wilson.

This video of defensive line coach Joe Salave'a is also from spring football. I've watched this video a few times and Salave'a yelling "get yo popcorn ready Darryl" is still amazing.

Defensive coordinator Mike Breske gave an inside look into WSU's defensive philosophy and how they go about things. The video is also from spring football.

There was no Mike Leach mic'd up video, but there is this entertaining interview of Leach during his trip to ESPN's campus. The video closes with a conversation about dating advice. I would embed it, but that doesn't appear to be an option.