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WSU vs. Auburn: Three things we want to see

What will we be looking for in Saturday's contest?

Welcome back to another season of my Three Things video series.

If you didn't see them last year, or you've forgotten them --which, yanno, I understand since I can be eminently forgettable (at least, that's what the ladies told me) -- here's the idea, which is pretty simple: I pick three things I want to see from WSU on Saturday to let me know this team is doing what it should be doing to move in a positive direction.

A lot of times, people confuse these with "keys to the game." This isn't that. I'm not a football strategist.* These are simply things that I think I can observe that to me would bode well for not just success in this game, but for the future.

*Although I do sometimes play one on Twitter.

If you make it to the end of these three and a half minutes, let me know what you're hoping to see on Saturday.

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