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Fall camp Day 7 roundup

The Cougars hit the one-week mark of fall camp on Thursday and it was your typical practice.

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The offense is awesome, that must mean the defense sucks. Now the defense is doing well, oh no the offense is terrible! Welcome to fall camp.

Quick notes:

  • The offense dominated the 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 sessions on Thursday, but the defense got the better of the 11-on-11 portion of practice. Basically, it was like most practices with good and bad from both sides.
  • Isaac Dotson is officially a safety now, according to Mike Breske. At 6-foot-1 and almost 220 pounds, that could be a lot of fun (not for opposing wide receivers though).
  • Chester Su'a made an appearance at practice ... in street clothes. It's not an academic issue and he visited the coaches at practice so as Christian hypothesized it may be an injury issue.
  • In backup left tackle news, Devonte McClain is getting the majority of snaps with the second team with freshman Riley Sorenson also seeing some time there. It appears Eduardo Middleton is getting jumped on the depth chart.

Blurb of the day:

Via Christian's post-practice blog:

I asked Leach about a comment made by Connor Halliday the other day in which he said it seemed like the coach is relinquishing more control over the offense during practice from a leadership standpoint.

Leach said that's true.

"The best way is to get (leadership) from players, because players are around each other all the time, they live with each other, they spend time with each other, so off the field you can really magnify that," Leach said. "Players have stepped up and players handle a lot of things. There's a lot less things to handle this year than last year because our players have taken responsiblilty for themselves and others."

Injury report:

Deone Bucannon was on the field for the team session for the first time in a few days. After practice. Breske said Bucannon was just sitting out to get rest. Nothing to worry about, so it appears.


From Christian's story on Dotson:

"He's a smart kid," Breske said. "He's Football 101 savvy. He'll get along, and he's excited. He brings a lot of athleticism, which I saw at the quarterback position in high school. We've just got to translate it now to the dark side."

Tweet of the day:

Joe Salave'a is still a shockingly large individual.


Mike Leach post practice, from WSU Athletics.

Today's schedule:

Another day, another 3 p.m. PT practice.

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