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WSU vs. Southern Utah: Open game thread

The Thunderbirds aren't expected to be much of a challenge, but FCS teams have shown an ability to win games against their FBS counterparts this year. Come talk about the game as it unfolds with other Cougar fans.

Stephen Dunn

Finally, the Cougs get to play a game at home. And they surprised a lot of people -- including, I think, most of us -- by returning to Martin Stadium with a 1-1 record after defeating USC in Los Angeles last week.

Anything less than a decisive victory today will be seen as a ... well, failure will be too strong if they don't lose, but even a close victory isn't going to make anyone feel that good. This team needs to drop a whuppin' on someone, and I get the feeling that this team is ready to do it.

We all expect the offense to finally hit its stride today, as the thing that seems to have caused most of Connor Halliday's poor decisions -- a strong pass rush up the middle -- figures to be much less of an issue. And SUU is a run-oriented team, which plays right into the strength of WSU's defense. SUU quarterback Aaron Cantu was a prolific passer in junior college, but he has yet to show he can carry the Thunderbirds with his arm.

Expect the defense to limit SUU to an extreme degree. From there, it will simply be on the offense to see how many points it can score.