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Apple Cup 2014: Share your favorite WSU vs. Washington highlights

Before the game on Saturday, let's look back at some of your favorite plays.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images


The 2014 Apple Cup is only a few days away with kickoff set for 7:30 p.m. PT on Saturday. But, before we fully turn our attention to the latest installment of the rivalry, let's look back on some highlights from previous Apple Cups.

Two years ago, we shared stories of our favorite Apple Cup memories. Those included Craig talking about the time he deliberately stole the beanie off a girl's head while rushing the field at Husky Stadium in 2005. Ok, maybe it wasn't deliberate, but he did come away with a beanie. Several of you shared your favorite stories and memories and reading through that thread is a lot of fun.

To mix things up a bit, let's instead share things with moving pictures this year. Jeff Collier dug up some terrific Apple Cup highlights last year and Jeff Nusser's CougCenter video project has a few as well. With YouTube, team video archives, Vines, GIFs and more, we can do even better.

Find your favorite highlights and share them in the comments below. We can spend the week reliving some good memories while waiting for the current WSU squad to hopefully make some more. I'll get it started with a personal favorite of mine.