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Hamza Abdullah: WSU football lacking 'Cougar Pride'

The former WSU safety aired his opinion on the current state of the program on Twitter and wants WSU to get more former players involved.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

WSU's performance in the Apple Cup didn't inspire a lot of confidence in the program after the team appeared to lack energy for large parts of the game. Former Cougar safety Hamza Abdullah was among those who took notice and he tweeted some of his opinions on the state of the program on Tuesday.

Abdullah said he's not around the team enough, but is going off of how he sees the Cougars play. He questioned whether the current players understand what Cougar pride is and who is around the program to show them. Jason Gesser is among the former players involved in the athletic department, but Abdullah isn't convinced Gesser has been put into a substantial enough role.

So what's the solution? Abdullah said he isn't a proponent of firing anyone, but instead adding more people around the program who the players respect and trust. That could possibly mean Abdullah himself.