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Sebastian LaRue possibly headed to defense

When Sebastian LaRue announced he was transferring to WSU, Cougar fans were excited about the prospects of him playing receiver. Now, he might be headed to defense before ever catching a pass.

Bud Elliott - SB Nation

This news is a couple of days old and has been discussed a bit in the comments, but it's notable enough to discuss on its own. If you've been following the spring practice reports, you probably read that Texas A&M transfer Sebastian LaRue has been practicing at cornerback. On the surface, that's a little surprising since LaRue was so highly-touted as a wide receiver.

While there may be an initial wow factor, it's important to remember three things. First, it's spring football and this sort of thing happens all the time. Coaches will experiment with players at multiple spots. LaRue got some work in at wide receiver, now he's getting some run at cornerback. Second, LaRue is likely destined to sit out next season. That means he'll go through somewhere in the range of 150 practices before he plays in a real game. Experimenting with eight spring practices isn't going to mean much in the long run. Finally, just because he switched positions, doesn't mean he won't switch again. Jamal Morrow switched from running back to corner during last season, only to finish the year back at running back.

If the position switch does stick, it wouldn't be the first time this staff bolstered the secondary at the expense of the wide receivers. Rahmel Dockery, Alex Jackson and Charleston White all started at wide receiver before making the move to the defensive side of the ball. Dockery and Jackson didn't make much of an impact before leaving Pullman while White may start next season. The move with LaRue may be slightly different than the others, as he was apparently the one to put the change in motion.

"It was something I played in high school," LaRue said, via the Spokesman Review. "I initially wanted to play it coming into college and it was something I wanted to see if I could be successful at. Not taking anything away from receiver or anything like that - it's not like I was forcibly moved - I went to (the coaches) and asked them for the opportunity to try it out and they gave me the opportunity."

LaRue's athletic ability is going to get him on the field somewhere. WSU has had an easier time recruiting wide receivers than corners, so if he prefers to play corner, it would probably be easier to fill his shoes at receiver, which may mean the move is likely to stick. Regardless, it's spring football. I don't care where he plays as long as he -- and anyone else -- doesn't get hurt.


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