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Who's your favorite WSU football assistant coach?

Get ready for the spring game by hearing the sights and sounds of spring practice.

How about offensive line coach Clay McGuire?
How about offensive line coach Clay McGuire?

Thanks to, we're able to hear a little of what a Cougar spring practice sounds like. "Mic'd Up" videos are awesome for those of us not around Pullman to catch one of their open practices. And they got a little of that, "Watch it. I'm wearing a wire, don't say nuthin" feel to them, so that's fun.

Below are three mic'd up videos. First up is outside linebacker's coach Paul Volero, then special teams coach Erik Russell, and last we get to hear a bit from outside receivers coach Dennis Simmons.

There's only three coaches above, but you've had a couple years to hear from others, or see some comments they've made after a game or practice.  Vote below and make a case for your favorite assistant coach in the comments.