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Travis Long is still the best

Travis Long wins the Internet for the day.

WSU Athletic Communications

There are less than 100 days until Washington State's football season begins and as such, the Cougars have been counting down the days on Twitter. Part of that countdown included the WSU Athletics account tweeting a picture of Chad Eaton on Friday to coincide 90 days remaining. Eaton, of course, wore No. 90 at WSU.

Travis Long took notice of the countdown, so the former No. 89 decided to alert the fact that there was a pretty decent player with that number.

The WSU Athletics account responded appropriately:

The only way this exchange could have been better was if WSU responded with this GIF:


If you're wondering, Long is still on the Eagles roster. He spent last season on the practice squad and will attempt to make the team as a linebacker this season. And for the record, he now wears No. 57.