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49 days to Cougar football: Which position group is WSU's strongest?

A day after talking about WSU's best player, the countdown turns to the best unit.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With a 50-day question countdown, there are going to be some days where the answer is really a toss up. Opinions will be divided with three or four possible outcomes gaining support. Then there are days like today where this whole process appears to be a formality.

Yesterday, I asked you who was WSU's best player. Today, we widen that question to positions and ask which position group is WSU's best. Vince Mayle garnered the most votes in the poll yesterday and that is likely to translate to today, where I'd expect wide receiver to be a runaway winner. Last year when I asked this same question, 48 percent of you voted for wide receiver. That was before we knew what kind of player Mayle is and how good River Cracraft is. The Cougars only lost Bobby Ratliff at wide receiver and added Calvin Green and others, so it seems likely for the pass catchers to runaway with the poll once again. It's easy to say a team is deep at a position, but WSU is legitimately 10-deep at receiver, maybe more.

For the sake of the discussion, let's cover a few others. Connor Halliday is a great start at quarterback, but no other player on the roster has attempted a pass in a FBS game. Cornerback and safety are also very inexperienced and the offensive line is replacing three starters with fresh, raw faces. The defensive line with Xavier Cooper, Toni Pole and Destiny Vaeao appears to be stout, but not a lot of proven depth there either. Darryl Monroe is a great piece at linebacker and there are some very intriguing prospects in the pipeline. I think I would actually rank running back as WSU's second-strongest position. I've written about just how underrated Marcus Mason is before and I still buy into Teondray Caldwell developing into a very good player. Theron West showed off some freaky athleticism in the New Mexico Bowl and redshirt freshman Jamal Morrow and Gerard Wicks received praise during the offseason. That's without mentioning incoming freshman Squally Canada. The Cougars are sneaky deep and sneaky good at running back.

Am I correct in suspecting wide receiver to pull away in a landslide, or do you think a different position group is the Cougars' best? Vote and weigh in below.