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Get to know Greg Hoyd, who appears rightfully terrified of Darryl Monroe

Hey, you would be too!

Greg Hoyd is a three-star outside linebacker from California who, like virtually all the other incoming freshman to WSU, has already arrived in Pullman and is participating in voluntary workouts.

A rite of passage for many of these guys is their participation in "get to know" videos produced by WSU. A twist on Hoyd's video is that he's interviewed by the undisputed leader of the linebackers (and perhaps entire defense), hard hitting Darryl Monroe.

The best part of the video is that Hoyd appears acutely aware of this after his first month with the team as he nervously searches for responses that are both insightful and appropriately deferential to Monroe and the older players on the team.

The second best part of the video is my goodness Darryl Monroe is a man. Hoyd's got a lot of work to do in the weight room if he wants to take over for Monroe someday.

The third best part is watching Hoyd trip over pronouncing Hercules Mata'afa. Don't worry big guy, you'll get it eventually. And if you don't, I'm sure you can just run around calling him "Junior" or something like that as the coaches did when they couldn't figure out Ioane Gauta.