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48 days to Cougar football: Which position group is 2nd best?

With wide receiver the overwhelming choice as the strongest unit, we open things up for a better discussion.

Stephen Dunn

On Thursday, I asked which position group was WSU's best. I expected wide receiver to win by a sizable margin and that was indeed the case with 87 percent of you picking the receivers as the best position group. That is even a significant increase from the 48 percent who chose wide receiver last offseason.

So without much of a debate for the best, I decided to take WazzuBrando's advice and open the discussion for which position group is WSU's second-strongest. With the pass catchers out of the picture, things open up considerably. Linebacker, running back and defensive line appear to be the three main candidates, although quarterback also drew a few votes in the other poll. If you are extremely high on WSU's youth along the offensive line, I guess you could even make an argument for the big bodies up front. The depth numbers at offensive line are certainly healthy.

I'm going to stick with running back as my choice for the second best unit. The Cougars have three players who have proven -- even in very small samples -- that they can be effective at the FBS level. There are two more redshirt freshman who come in with some hype and a talented true freshman also on the roster. Here is what I wrote about the running backs in Thursday's post:

I think I would actually rank running back as WSU's second-strongest position. I've written about just how underrated Marcus Mason is before and I still buy intoTeondray Caldwell developing into a very good player. Theron West showed off some freaky athleticism in the New Mexico Bowl and redshirt freshman Jamal Morrow and Gerard Wicks received praise during the offseason. That's without mentioning incoming freshman Squally Canada. The Cougars are sneaky deep and sneaky good at running back.

Do you agree, or are you picking one of the other six position groups as the Cougars' second-best? To the poll!